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Joe Beans

Express Espresso

Joe Beans started in a small trailer-size building with annual sales that were less than stellar. From that one location, they have expanded to five sites and ballooned to $4 million in annual revenue.

Liberty University Article

Even more impressive, Joe Beans has found success in the midst of massive competition. Lynchburg, Virginia is a college town with many coffee options, yet for ten consecutive years Joe Beans has beaten Starbucks in a head-to-head vote for “Best Coffee.”

The Addison Group helped propel the company’s eye-popping growth through creative branding, website development, and strategic advertising. With each passing year, it continues paying dividends as Joe Beans grabs more market share. When it comes to mastering the coffee business, they’re doing a brew-tiful job.

Surfing Chef

Shredding Lettuce and Shredding Waves

Meet Steve Gellas, a talented chef who had grown discouraged with the trajectory of his restaurant business.

Enter The Addison Group. After learning his life’s mission, we connected his two passions: cooking and surfing. And then things sizzled. We created the “Surfing Chef” brand and developed the tagline, “Surf. Cook. Do It Again.” Attention swelled with numerous print articles, and soon, Steve found himself a local celebrity as the go-to chef expert on an area television show.

He continued riding the wave. The Addison Group pitched a larger television concept to a Los-Angeles based production team. Shortly thereafter, Steve was flying to Hawaii and surfing with the world’s #1 surfer, Jamie O’Brien. That’s what you call catching the perfect swell.

The Addison Group whipped up the ingredients for Steve’s amazing ride with website development, strategic branding, tagline creation, social media presence, and broadcast pitches. We’re stoked his business has reached the boiling point. Gnarly, dude!

York River Electric

You Conduit with Tommy Toolbag!

York River Electric, known for its industrial, commercial and government contract work, wanted to connect with the residential market. But the problem: how do they introduce themselves to a different market, and with so many advertising options, how and where to start. They felt unsure how to invest their budget.

In stepped The Addison Group. We searched for the right company story, and from the discovery process we created the perfect persona: Tommy Toolbag, everyone’s favorite do-it-yourself uncle. This engaging character resulted in a series of humorous commercials used across various mediums.

As York River Electric’s campaign started its voltage, we continued hardwiring their new brand with a new logo and tagline. Soon came a dynamic website, vehicle wraps, along with digital, social, and multimedia advertising. Public relations soared with mentions in business journals, newspapers, and on radio. To top it off, we wrote and produced a custom jingle using local artists who mixed their own versions for multimedia platforms. The result? A shockingly effective marketing strategy.

Air Conditioning Specialists

Cool Partnerships

Air Conditioning Specialists, frustrated with the bland messaging within their industry, called on The Addison Group to blow fresh air into their brand.

After discovering their target audience, we focused on storytelling through billboards, television, and radio with a new tagline. But the best was yet to come.

Using co-op funding, we utilized available resources from industry partners and maximized investments. The result? It broadened Air Conditioning Specialists’s marketing footprint without increasing their budget. Think of it as a cool breeze on a hot summer day.


No-Mess Marketing

Equipter is a dump trailer invented by roofing experts to remove debris, however they struggled marketing the unique machine nationally.

Equipter discovered a video produced by The Addison Group for a local contractor who was testing the product, and the company loved it.

After they contacted us, we dug deeper into their story and developed a strategy offering Franchise Marketing to each of their current clients. Because these businesses owned an Equipter, they could utilize it as an added value to sell their services.

The Addison Group not only created a sales process for the Equipter along with Trade show collateral, but also created ready-for-distribution pieces that contractors used with ease, saving them thousands in production costs while keeping the Equipter brand consistent.

In addition, we expanded Equipter's message with a creative campaign called, "New Roof, No Mess.” From concept to implementation, we showcased their message through videos, television commercials, and radio spots. And just like that, a successful blueprint was born — without any unnecessary clutter.