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We get it.

The thought of hiring a marketing firm ranks slightly above a colonoscopy.

It’s all too common… slick marketing guru shows up spouting a bunch of newfangled advertising terms and promises your company the moon. And then the shell game begins.

Huge retainers. Slow delivery times. Hit-or-miss customer service. Invoices like Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Call us crazy, but branding your business shouldn’t be exploratory surgery.

What if there was a better way?

WHAT IF… at the end of one day you had all your new branding materials in hand?

WHAT IF… there were no hidden fees, but only a flat price?

WHAT IF… you could offer design feedback in real time?

WHAT IF… you always dealt with the same people?

It’s an unorthodox approach, but The Addison Group refuses to be a traditional agency. Our goal is NOT to have ongoing, retainer-based clients. Matter of fact, once we help companies with their branding, we fade into black. And if we’ve done our job right, you’ll have all the tools and training to kick some serious bootay.

Our unique Brandbuild™ process builds entire brands in hours, not months. That’s not a misprint. In 1-to-3 day intensives, your company is out the door and ready to proclaim its one-of-a-kind story.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way? Of course. But there again, if you prefer the old and worn path, we know some great gastroenterologists…

Stop Worrying About Your Marketing

If you’re with a small or mid-size company and struggle with your marketing, we designed a simple and revolutionary process to help jumpstart your sales.

Brandiscover™ $2,950*

The most important part of our branding process. This includes a 1.5 - 2 hour interview where we get inside your head and deep-dive into your business. Afterward, we create a visually appealing brief that identifies your marketing strategy with a clear plan to move forward. Delivery is in a published hardback.The Brandiscover™ must take place before any of the Brandbuilds™.*The cost is applied to any of our three production tiers: Brandbuild™, Brandbuild PLUS™, or Brandbuild ULTIMATE™.

  • Your Company’s One-LinerYour Target Customer
  • Your Brand Personality
  • Using Your Lead Product/Service for Greater Impact
  • Positioning Your Key Product/Service for Higher Profits
  • Your 3-Step Visual Plan for Customers
  • Getting Inside Your Customer’s Head and How To Best Reach Them
  • Suggested Call to Actions
  • Evaluation of Existing Marketing Materials
  • Recommended Action Steps

Schedule A Brandiscover™

After the Brandiscover™, you can produce the marketing yourself or hire The Addison Group. If you choose us, we complete your marketing projects in DAYS, through one of our three production tiers:



Branding work is completed in a ONE - THREE DAY intensive we call Brandbuild™. This is Tier 1 of three packages we offer, and it fulfills the needs of the majority of small - medium businesses. In short, it is for clients who need the fundamentals — now — instead of waiting for months.

*Previous payment from the Brandiscover™ is applied to the cost.

NOTE: Actual deliverables depend on the needs of the client, but most commonly include:

  • Website (up to 7 pages) — mobile-friendly, easy-to-edit, and comes with 24/7 support
  • Logo Design (in all formats)
  • Creation of Brand Identity (color, typography, graphics, tagline/messaging)
  • Website Copywriting
  • 4-Part Email Campaign Copywriting
  • Stationery and Business Card Design
  • Flyer, Sales Sheet, or Downloadable PDF Design and Copywriting
  • Design and Direction for Marketing Collateral (such as promotional products or presentation booths)
  • Digital Marketing Expert Consultation
  • Public Relations Expert Consultation
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Brandbuild PLUS™

For clients with higher-level strategy needs. Branding work is completed in a THREE DAY intensive we call Brandbuild PLUS™. This is Tier 2 of our packages and includes all the Brandbuild™ deliverables but with additional marketing collateral, design work, consultation, and training.

*Previous payment from the Brandiscover™ is applied to the cost.

NOTE: Actual deliverables are determined with your Brandiscover™.

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Brandbuild ULTIMATE™

Our most thorough branding intensive. For serious clients focused on making a big splash — quickly. Branding work is completed in a THREE - FIVE DAY intensive we call Brandbuild ULTIMATE™. This is Tier 3 of our packages and includes all the Brandbuild PLUS™ deliverables but with additional elements such as photo shoots, media scripting, and video production.

*Previous payment from the Brandiscover™ is applied to the cost.

NOTE: Actual deliverables are determined with your Brandiscover™.

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Is a Brandiscover™ required?

Yes. We’re confident the Brandiscover™ will provide you a strategic game plan and save you loads of time and money. Otherwise, it’s all guesswork. Who wants that?

After my Brandiscover™ is complete, what's my obligation?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. At that point, you can choose to do the marketing yourself or hire us to do it for you. Your choice.

Does The Addison Group operate on a monthly retainer?

Nope. We offer a one-price model and deliver quality projects to you in eye-popping time. After that, we’re like cowboys who fade into the sunset.

Are projects available on an à la carte basis if I don’t need a full tier?

Yes, depending on your needs. However, the à la carte option does not receive a Brandiscover™ credit. We do, however, take 10% off your final price. Because we love you.

How long will you honor my Brandiscover™ credit if I don’t purchase a tier immediately?

We credit Brandiscover™ purchases for up to one year. Consider it an early Christmas present.

How are you able to complete projects in such a short amount of time?

To deliver all items as promised, we follow a predetermined checklist. Once you approve of the strategy, we do a considerable amount of research and creative work beforehand. And we drink lots of coffee.

Does the purchase of a tier include all production costs?

While the Addison Group offers marketing strategies, design, and training, the production fees (printing, website hosting, monthly subscriptions, etc…) are your responsibility. Same thing for your kid’s tuition.